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             (Famous Canadians)













Businesspeople, Politicians & Public Figures


Aitken, William Maxwell : Publisher, Politician. Newspaper Magnate
Black, Conrad: Publisher (owns newspapers worldwide, including London's Daily Telegraph)
Bombardier, Joseph-Armand : Engineer, Businessman (invented the Ski-doo)
Bronfman Family : Business Dynasty (own Seagram Co. and Universal Studios)
Cooke, Jack Kent : (owns the Washington Redskins and the Los Angeles Daily News)
Cunard, Sir Samuel : Businessman (founder of Cunard shipping line)
Eaton, Cyrus : Industrialist (co-founder of the Pugwash Conferences)
Hill, James J .: Businessman (built the Great Northern Railroad)
Mayer, Louis B .: Studio Executive, Producer (co-founder of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer)
Pearson, Lester B .: Politician, Nobel Peace Prize winner
Reichman Brothers : Real Estate Developers (Canary Wharf project in London)
Trudeau, Pierre Elliott : Politician (former Prime Minister)
Warner, Jack : Studio Executive, Producer (co-founder of Warner Bros.)
Irving, K.C .: Industrialist (founder of Irving Holdings)
Znaimer, Moses : TV Mogul


Actors, Actresses, Comedians & Other Entertainers


Anderson, Pamela : Actress ("Baywatch", "Barb Wire", "VIP")
Augustyn, Frank : Ballet Dancer
Aykroyd, Dan : Comedian, Actor ("Saturday Night Live", "The Blues Brothers")
Bain, Conrad : Actor ("Diff'rent Strokes", "Maude")
Bairstow, Scott : Actor ("Lonesome Dove: The Series")
Beach, Adam : Actor ("Windtalkers"; Smoke Signals"; "Dance Me Outside")
Bellows, Gil - Actor ("Ally McBeal", "The Assistant")
Bennett, Nigel : Actor ("Forever Knight")
Blanchard, Rachel : Actress ("Clueless")
Bluteau, Lothaire : Actor ("Jesus of Montreal", "Black Robe")
Bochner, Lloyd : Actor ("Dynasty", "Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear")
Brown, Blair : Actress ("The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd", "The Choirboys")
Bujold, Genevieve : Actress ("Anne of a Thousand Days", "Dead Ringers", "Coma")
Burr, Raymond : Actor ("Perry Mason", "Ironside")
Burroughs, Jackie : Actress ("The Grey Fox", "John and the Missus", "Anne of Green Gables")
Campbell, Neve : Actress ("Party of Five", "Scream")
Candy, John : Comedian, Actor ("SCTV", "Planes, Trains and Automobiles", "Uncle Buck")
Cardinal, Tantoo : Actress ("Black Robe", "Dances with Wolves", "Legends of the Fall")
Cariou, Len : Actor ("A Little Night Music")
Carrey, Jim : Comedian, Actor ("The Mask", "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective", "The Truman Show", "Cable Guy", "Man in the Moon", "In Living Color")
Carson, Jack : Actor ("Mildred Pierce", "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof")
Cattrall, Kim : Actress ("Star Trek VI, Sex and the City", "Outer Limits")
Chaykin, Maury : Actor ("Dances with Wolves", "Whale Music", "Buried on Sunday")
Chong, Thomas : Comedian, Actor (Cheech and Chong, "McHale's Navy")
Clark, Susan : Actress ("Webster", "Amelia Earhart", "Babe")
Colicos, John : Actor ("Anne of a Thousand Days", "The Postman Always Rings Twice", "Star Trek", "Battlestar Galactica")
Coombs, Ernie : Children's TV Show Host ("Mr. Dressup")
Crewson, Wendy : Actress ("Getting Married in Buffalo Jump", "The Doctor")
Cronyn, Hume : Actor ("Shadow of a Doubt", "Sunrise at Campobello", "Cocoon")
Cruise, Tom : Actor ("Rainman", "Far and Away", "Interview With A Vampire", "The Firm", "M:I2") 
Czerny, Henry : Actor ("The Ice Storm", "When Night is Falling, "Clear and Present Danger", "The Boys of St. Vencent")
Davies, Geraint Wyn : Actor ("Forever Knight")
Davis, William B. : Actor ("X-files")
De Carlo, Yvonne : Actress ("The Munsters", "Salome, Where She Danced")
Dewhurst, Colleen : Actress ("Anne of Green Gables", "Murphy Brown", "Annie Hall")
Dionne Quintuplets : (first quintuplets known to have survived infancy, appeared in three films, featured for public viewing in a theme park called Quintland)
Doohan, James : Actor ("Star Trek")
Douglas, Shirley : Actress ("Lolita", "The Wars", "Wind at my Back")
Dressler, Marie : Actress, Comedienne ("Tillie's Punctured Romance", "Anna Christie", "Min and Bill", "Dinner at Eight")
Dupuis, Roy : Actor ("Jesus of Montreal")
Durbin, Deanna : Actress ("Three Smart Girls", "That Certain Age")
Elliott, David James : Actor ("Melrose Place", "JAG")
Evangelista, Linda : Super Model
Flatman, Barry : Actor ("Open Season," "The Cutting Edge")
Foley, David : Comedian, Actor ("Kids in the Hall", "News Radio")
Follows, Megan : Actress ("Anne of Green Gables")
Ford, Glenn : Actor ("Gilda", "The Big Heat", "The Blackboard Jungle")
Fox, Michael J. : Actor ("Back to the Future", "Family Ties", "Spin City")
Francks, Don : Actor ("Dinner at Fred's", "Harriet the Spy")
Fraser, Brendan : Actor ("Gods and Monsters", "The Mummy", "With Honours", "George of the Jungle")
Frewer, Matt : Actor (played "Max Headroom", "Doctor, Doctor", "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids", "Star Trek: The Next Generation")Frid, Jonathan : Actor ("Dark Shadows")
Garber, Victor : Broadway, Film and TV Actor ("Titanic")
George, Chief Dan : Actor ("Little Big Man", "The Outlaw Josey Wales")
Gerussi, Bruno : Actor ("Beachcombers", "The Hitman")
Greene, Graham : Actor ("Dances with Wolves")
Greene, Lorne : Actor ("Bonanza", "Battlestar Galactica")
Greenwood, Bruce : Actor ("Exotica", "St. Elsewhere", "Nowhere Man")
Griffiths, Linda : Actress, Writer ("Maggie and Pierre", "Reno and the Doc")
Gross, Paul : Actor ("Due South", "Buried on Sunday")
Haim, Corey : Actor ("The Lost Boys", "Snowboard Academy")   
Hall, Monty : Game Show Host ("Let's Make A Deal")
Harron, Don : Actor, Comedian ("Hee Haw"), Author (a.k.a.: Charlie Farquharson)
Hartman, Phil : Actor, Comedian ("Saturday Night Live", "News Radio", "The Simpsons" [voice])
Hennessy, Jill : Actress ("Law and Order", Crossing Jordan")
Henning, Doug : Magician
Henstridge, Natasha : Actress ("Species")
Hill, Arthur : Actor ("The Andromeda Strain", "A Bridge Too Far")
Huston, Walter : Actor ("The Treasure of the Sierra Madre", "Dodsworth", "The Devil and Daniel Webster")
Hyslop, Jeff : Actor ("The Wars")
Ireland, John : Actor ("All the King's Men", "Spartacus")
Ironside, Michael : Actor ("Scanners", "Top Gun", "Total Recall")
Ito, Robert : Actor ("Quincy")
Jackson, Joshua : Actor ("Dawson's Creek", "Cruel Intentions")
Jackson, Tom : Actor, Musician ("North of 60", "The Diviners")
Jacobi, Lou : Actor ("Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex ...", "I.Q.")
Johansson, Paul : Actor ("Lonesome Dove", "Beverley Hills 90210")
Kain, Karen : Ballet Dancer
Keeler, Ruby : Actress, Singer, Tap Dancer ("42nd Street", "Dames")
Kidder, Margot : Actress. ("Superman")
Kirshner, Mia: Actress ("Exotica", "Love and Human Remains", "Mad City", "Anna Karenina")
Kuzyk, Mimi : Actress ("Hill Street Blues", "L.A. Law")
Laure, Carole : Actress ("Get Out Your Hankerchiefs", "La Tête de Normande St-Onge")
Le Cirque du Soleil : Avant Garde Circus
Levy, Eugene : Comedian, Actor ("SCTV")
Lillie, Beatrice : Actress ("Exit Smiling", "On Approval", "Thoroughly Modern Millie")
Linkletter, Art: Television Show Host, Author, Radio Broadcaster ("Kids Say the Darndest Things")
Little, Rich : Impressionist.
Lockhart, Gene: Actor ("Abe Lincoln in Illinois", "The Devil and Daniel Webster", "His Girl Friday", "Algiers")
MacDonald, Norm : Comedian, Actor ("Saturday Night Live", "Norm")
MacInnes, Angus : Actor ("Judge Dredd", "Witness")
Mandel, Howie : Comedian, Actor ("St. Elsewhere")
Martin, Andrea : Comedienne, Actress ("SCTV", "Star Trek: DS9")
Manners, David : Actor, Author ("Dracula" (1930), "The Mummy")
Massey, Raymond : Actor ("Abe Lincoln in Illinois", "East of Eden", "The Naked and the Dead")
Maxwell, Lois : Actress (played Moneypenny in the James Bond movies)
McCarthy, Sheila : Actress ("I've Heard the Mermaids Singing", "Die Hard 2", "Beautiful Dreamers")
McCormack, Eric : Actor ("Will & Grace", "Street Justice")
McCulloch, Bruce : Comedian ("Kids in the Hall")
McDonald, Kevin : Actor, Comedian ("Kids in the Hall", "That 70's Show")
McKellar, Don : Actor, Writer ("Roadkill", "The Red Violin", "Last Night", "Twitch City")
McKinney, Mark : Comedian ("Kids in the Hall", "Saturday Night Live")
McLerie, Allyn : Actress, Singer, Dancer ("The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd")
Montgomery, Belinda J. : Actress ("The Man From Atlantis", "Doogie Howser MD")
Moranis, Rick : Comedian, Actor ("SCTV", "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids")
Morgenstern , Stephanie: Actress, Filmmaker ""The Sweet Hereafter", "P.T. Barnum")
Morse, Barry : Actor ("The Fugitive", "Space 1999")
Moss, Carrie-Anne : Actress ("The Matrix", "Memento")
Myers, Mike : Comedian, Actor ("Saturday Night Live", "Wayne's World", "Austin Powers")
Nelligan, Kate : Actress ("The Prince of Tides", "Fatal Instinct")
Neville, John : Actor ("The Adventures of Baron Munchausen")
Nielsen, Leslie : Actor ("The Naked Gun", "Forbidden Planet")
Oh, Sandra : Actress ("Double Happiness", "The Red Violin", "Last Night")
O'Hara, Catherine : Actress ("SCTV" "Beetlejuice", "Home Alone")
Ontkean, Michael : Actor ("The Rookies", "Twin Peaks")
Paquin, Anna : Actress ("The Piano", "Jane Eyre", "Amistad", "X-Men")
Parker, Molly : Actress ("Kissed", "Twitch City", "Sunshine")
Perry, Matthew : Actor ("Friends")
Pickford, Mary : Actress ("Little Lord Fauntleroy", "Coquette", known as "America's Sweetheart")
Pidgeon, Walter : Actor ("How Green Was My Valley", "Forbidden Planet")
Pinsent, Gordon : Actor, Writer ("The Rowdy Man", "Who has Seen the Wind?", "John and the Missus", "Due South")
Plummer, Christopher: Actor ("The Sound of Music", "Star Trek VI")
Podemski, Tamara : Actress ("Rent" on Broadway; "The Rez")
Polley, Sarah : Actress ("Anne of Green Gables, "Exotica", "The Sweet Hereafter", "Go")
Potter, Chris : Actor ("Kung Fu: The Legend Continues")
Priestley, Jason : Actor ("Beverly Hills 90210")
Progosh, Tim : Actor ("Back in Action", "Adventures of Sinbad")
Qualen, John: Actor ("Casablanca", "The Devil and Daniel Webster", "The Searchers", "Anatomy of a Murder")
Reeves, Keanu : Actor ("Johnny Mnemonic", "Speed", "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure")
Reid, Kate : Actress ("Dallas", "Bye Bye Blues", "The Andromeda Strain", "A Delicate Balance")
Regehr, Duncan : Actor ("Zorro", "The Legend of Errol Flynn")
Rennie, Callum Keith : Actor ("Double Happiness", "Last Night")
Reuben, Gloria : Actress ("ER")
Rhodes, Donnelly : Actor ("Soap", "Danger Bay", "The Young and the Restless")
Robertson, Kathleen : Actress ("Beverly Hills 90210")
Rubinek, Saul : Actor ("Unforgiven", "The Outside Chance of Maximilian Glick", "Star Trek: The Next Generation")
Russell, Harold : Actor ("The Best Years of Our Lives")
Ryan, Thomas Jay : Actor ("Henry Fool")
Sarrazin, Michael : Actor ("They Shoot Horses Don't They?", "Joshua Then and Now")
Sawa, Devon : Actor ("Caspar")
Schellenberg, August : Actor ("Free Willy", "Black Robe")
Schnarre, Monika : Actress, Model ("The Bold and the Beautiful")
Sennett, Mack : Director, Comedian, Actor, Producer ("Tillie's Punctured Romance")
Shatner, William : Actor ("Star Trek")
Shaver, Helen : Actress ("Who has Seen the Wind?", "Desert Hearts")
Shearer, Douglas : Sound recording pioneer (won 13 Oscars)
Shearer, Norma : Actress ("The Divorcee", "The Barretts of Wimpole Street")
Short, Martin : Comedian, Actor ("SCTV", "Saturday Night Live", "Clifford", "Captain Ron", "Three Amigos")
Shuster, Frank : Comedian ("Wayne and Shuster", "Ed Sullivan Show")
Silverheels, Jay : Actor ("The Lone Ranger", "Key Largo")
Singer, Marc : Actor ("V", "Beastmaster")
Smith, Alexis : Actress ("The Constant Nymph", "Rhapsody in Blue", "Of Human Bondage")
Soles, Paul : original voice of Spiderman
Steen, Jessica : Actress ("Armageddon", "Trial and Error")
Steinberg, David : Comedian, Actor, Director ("Designing Women")
Stratton, Dorothy : Actress ("Star 80")
Sutherland, Donald : Actor ("M*A*S*H", "Klute", "Ordinary People", "Eye of the Needle", "Bethune")
Sutherland, Kiefer : Actor, Director ("The Bay Boy", "Stand By Me", "A Few Good Men", "Flatliners")
Tennant, Veronica : Ballet Dancer
Thicke, Alan : Actor, Talk Show Host ("Hope and Gloria", "The Alan Thicke Show", "Growing Pains")
Thomas, Dave : Actor, Comedian ("SCTV", "Strange Brew", "Grace Under Fire")
Thompson, R.H. : Actor ("Road to Avonlea", "Moonlighting")
Thompson, Scott : Comedian ("Kids in the Hall")
Tilly, Jennifer : Actress ("Bullets Over Broadway")
Tilly, Meg : Actress ("The Big Chill", "Agnes of God")
Trebek, Alex : Game Show Host ("Jeopardy")
Tweed, Shannon : Actress ("Falcon Crest")
Unger, Deborah : Actress ("Crash", The Hurricane")
Vernon, John : Actor ("Animal House", "Dirty Harry")
Waxman, Al : Actor ("Cagney and Lacey", "King of Kensington")
Wayne, Johnny : Comedian ("Wayne and Shuster", "Ed Sullivan Show")
Welsh, Kenneth : Actor ("Twin Peaks", "Whale Music", "Legends of the Fall")
Wincott, Jeff : Actor ("Night Heat")
Wincott, Michael : Actor ("The Crow", "Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves", "1492, Conquest of Paradise")
Wiseman, Joseph : Actor ("The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz", "Dr. No")
Wray, Fay: Actress ("King Kong")
Zegers, Kevin : Actor ("Traders", "Air Bud")







Adams, Bryan : Musician ("Cuts Like a Knife", "Everything I Do, I Do It For You")
Great Big Sea : Newfoundland, Traditional & Contemporary ("Ordinary Day"; "Consequence Free"; "Feel It Turn")
Anka, Paul : Musician ("Diana", "My Way", "The Tonight Show Theme") 
Bachman-Turner-Overdrive: Band ("Let It Ride", "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet")
Barenaked Ladies : Band ("If I Had $1,000,000", "Be My Yoko Ono")
Cockburn, Bruce : Musician ("Wondering Where the Lions Are", "If I Had a Rocket Launcher")
Cohen, Leonard : Author, Musician ("Suzanne", "Beautiful Losers")
The Crash Test Dummies : Band ("God Shuffled His Feet", "Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm", "The Superman Song")
Dion, Celine : Singer ("Beauty and the Beast", "The Heart Will Go On")
Eagle and Hawk : Contemporary Native Music ("Indian City")
Furtado, Nelly : Pop Vocalist ("I'm Like a Bird"; "Turn Out the Lights")
Ferguson, Maynard : Jazz Trumpeter ("Gonna Fly Now")
Gould, Glenn : Classical Pianist ("Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould")
Goulet, Robert : Singer, Actor
The Guess Who : Band ("American Woman")
Healey, Jeff : Musician ("Angel Eyes", "Confidence Man")
Diana Krall : Jazz
lang, k.d .: Musician ("Absolute Torch and Twang", "Ingenue")
Lanois, Daniel : Producer, Musician ("Acadie", produced U2 and Bob Dylan)
Leach, George : Jazz Guitarist and Vocalist
Lightfoot, Gordon : Musician ("Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald", "If You Could Read My Mind")
Lombardo, Guy : Musician, Band Leader
MacIsaac, Ashley : Musician ("Hi, How Are You Today?")
McKennitt, Loreena : Musician ("The Mask and Mirror", "The Book Of Secrets")
McLachlan, Sarah : Musician ("Fumbling Towards Ecstasy", "Building a Mystery", "Into the Fire")
Morissette, Alanis : Musician ("You Oughta Know", "Jagged Little Pill")
Murray, Anne : Musician ("Snowbird", "You Needed Me")
Parker, Jon Kimura : Classical Concert Pianist
Peterson, Oscar : Jazz Pianist
Rogers, Stan : Folk Musician ("Barret's Privateers", "45 Years", "The Mary Ellen Carter") 
Rush: Band ("The Spirit of Radio", "Tom Sawyer")
Sainte-Marie, Buffy : Musician, Actress ("Universal Soldier", "Summer Boy")
Shaffer, Paul : Musician ("The Late Show with David Letterman")
Skinny Puppy : Band ("Addiction", "Stairs and Flowers")
Stratas, Teresa : Opera Singer
Twain, Shania : Musician ("The Woman In Me", "Any Man of Mine", "Man! I Fell Like a Woman")
The Tragically Hip : Band ("New Orleans is Sinking")
Neil Young : Musician (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, "Heart of Gold", "Southern Man", "Powderfinger")
Blue Rodeo : Band ("Til I Am Myself Again", "Trust Yourself", "Five Days in May", "Somebody Waits")
Cochrane, Tom : Musician ("Paper Tigers")
Connors, Stompin Tom : Musician ("Sudbury Saturday Night")
Forrester, Maureen : Opera Singer (Contralto)
Foster, David : Keyboardist, Composer, Producer
Great Big Sea : Band ("Run, Run Away", "Consequence Free", "When I'm Up") 
Heppner, Ben : Opera Singer (Tenor)
Jones, Oliver : Jazz Pianist
MacNeil, Rita : Singer
Men Without Hats : Band ("Safety Dance")
Our Lady Peace : Band ("Naveed", "Superman's Dead")
Sanborn, David : Musician. R&B/Jazz (Eagles, "The Late Show With David Letterman")
Sexsmith, Ron : Musician
Steppenwolf: Band ("Born to be Wild") 
Vickers, Jon: Opera Singer (Tenor)




Allen, John F .: Physicist (co-discovered superfluidity)
Altman, Sidney : (1989 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry)
Anderson, John R.: (received the 1995 American Psychological Association Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award)
Avery, Oswald : Physician, Bacteriologist (discovered that DNA carries genetic information)
Banting, Frederick : (1923 Nobel Prize winner in Medicine, co-discovered insulin)
Brockhouse, Bertram : (1994 Nobel Prize winner in Physics)
Best, Charles : (co-discovered insulin)
Coxeter, H.S.M .: Mathematician
Fields, J.C .: Mathematician (founded the Fields Medal)
Fleming, Sanford : Engineer (inventor of standard time zones)
Giauque, William Francis : (1949 Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry)
Gosling, James : Computer Programmer (inventor of Java)
Herzberg, Gerhard : (1971 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry)
Hubel, David : (1981 Nobel Prize winner in Medicine)
Kernighan, Brian : Author, Programmer ("The C Programming Language", co-invented AWK)
Logan, Sir William : Geologist (founded the Geological Survey of Canada)
Marcus, Rudolph : (1992 Nobel Prize winner in Chemisty)
Osler, Sir William : Physician
Penfield, Wilder : Neurosurgeon (discovered electrical stimulation of the brain)
Polanyi, John : (1986 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry)
Schawlow, Arthur : (1981 Nobel Prize winner in Physics for lasers)
Scholes, Myron : (1997 Nobel Prize winner in Economics)
Smith, Michael : (1993 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry)
Suzuki, David : Geneticist, Broadcaster ("The Nature of Things")
Taube, Henry : (1983 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry)
Taylor, Richard : (1990 Nobel Prize winner in Physics)
Vickrey, William : (1996 Nobel Prize winner in Economics)
Wilson, Tuzo: Geophysicist (plate tectonics)



Bondar, Roberta
Garneau, Marc
Hadfield, Chris
McKay, Michael
MacLean, Steven
Payette, Julie
Thirsk, Robert
Tryggvason, Bjarni
Williams, Daffyd





Bailey, Donovan : Runner (Gold Medal at 1996 Summer Olympics, formerly the world's fastest man)
Bell, Marilyn : Swimmer
Browning, Kurt : Champion Figure Skater
Chuvalo, George : Boxer
Cranston, Toller : Figure Skater
Dryden, Ken : Hockey (Goalie)
Fox, Terry : para-athlete (annual Terry Fox Run charity fund raiser)
Gretzky, Wayne : Hockey player (highest scorer in history)
Goodyear, Scott : IndyCar driver
Hanlan, Ned : Champion Rower
Hansen, Rick : Para-althete ("Man in Motion")
Howe, Gordie : Hockey player (second highest scorer in history)
Jenkins, Ferguson : Baseball player (Hall of Fame pitcher)
Johnson, Ben : Runner
Lafleur, Guy : Hockey player
Lemieux, Mario : Hockey player
Moore, Greg : IndyCar driver
Nagurski, Bronko : Football player (Pro Football Hall of Fame)
Naismith, James : Physical Education teacher (invented basketball)
Orr, Bobby : Hockey player
Orser, Brian : Figure skater
Roy, Patrick : Hockey player
Slocum, Joshua : Sailor (first man to sail solo around the world)
Stoyko, Elvis : Figure skater
Thorburn, Cliff : Snooker Champion
Tracy, Paul : IndyCar driver
Villeneuve, Gilles : Formula One driver
Villeneuve, Jacques : IndyCar driver (1995 Indy 500 winner, 1997 Formula One World Champion)
Walker, Larry : Baseball player
Zimmerman, Jeff : Baseball player



Bateman, Robert: Painter
Borduas, Paul-Emile: Painter, Author
Bush, Jack : Painter
Cardinal, Douglas: Architect (Canadian Museum of Civilization, Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian)
Carmichael, Frank: Painter
Carr, Emily: Painter, Writer
Colville, Alex: Painter
Davidson, Robert : Traditional Haida Sculpture
Gehry, Frank: Architect (Guggenheim museum at Bilbao)
Group of Seven: official group of associated naturist painters (founded the Canadian art movement or "school")
Harris, Lawren: Painter
Jackson, A.Y.: Painter
Johnston, Frank H.: Painter
Johnston, Lynn: Cartoonist ("For Better of For Worse")
Karsh, Yousuf : Photographer
Lismer, Arthur: Painter
MacDonald, James: Painter
MacKenzie, Robert Tait: Sculptor
McLaren, Norman: Animator
Shuster, Brian: Cartoonist ("Chaos")
Shuster, Joe: created Superman
Snow, Michael: Painter, Sculptor, Filmmaker
Thomson, Tom: Painter
Varley, Frederick: Painter




Atwood, Margaret: Author ("The Handmaid's Tale", "Bodily Harm", "The Robber Bride")
Bantock, Nick: Author, Illustrator ("Griffin & Sabine")
Bellow, Saul: Author, Nobel laureate ("The Adventures of Augie March", "Humbolt's Gift")
Berton, Pierre: Author ("Klondike", "The National Dream", "The Last Spike")
Carrier, Roch: Author ("La Guerre, Yes Sir!")
Cohen, Leonard: Author, Musician ("Suzanne", "Beautiful Losers")
Coupland, Douglas: Author ("Generation X", "Microserfs")
Davies, Robertson: Author ("Fifth Business", "Rebel Angels", "The Cunning Man")
Findley, Timothy: Author ("Not Wanted on the Voyage", "The Wars")
Galbraith, John Kenneth: Economist, Author
Gibson, William: Author ("Neuromancer", "Johnny Mnemonic")
Hébert, Anne: Author ("Kamouraska", "Héloise")
Kinsella, W.P.: Author ("Shoeless Joe" - a.k.a. "Field of Dreams")
Laurence, Margaret: Author ("The Diviners", "The Stone Angel")
Leacock, Stephen: Author, Humourist ("Literary Lapses")
Lowry, Malcolm: Author ("Under the Volcano")
McCrae, John: Poet, Physician ("In Flanders Fields")
McLuhan, Marshall: Media Theorist, Author
Maillet, Antonine: Author ("Pelagie-la-Charrette", "La Sagouine")
Mitchell, W. O.: Author ("Who Has Seen the Wind", "Jake and the Kid")
Montgomery, Lucy Maude: Author ("Anne of Green Gables")
Moore, Brian: Author ("The Luck of Ginger Coffey", "Black Robe")
Mowat, Farley: Author ("Never Cry Wolf")
Munro, Alice: Author ("The Progress of Love", "The Moons of Jupiter", "Lives of Girls and Women")
Ondaatje, Michael: Author ("Coming Through Slaughter", "The English Patient")
Richler, Mordecai: Author ("The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz", "Joshua Then and Now")
Roy, Gabrielle: Author ("Bonheur d'Occasion")
Service, Robert W.: Author ("The Shooting of Dan McGrew", "The Cremation of Sam McGee", "Songs of a Sourdough")
Shields, Carol: Author, Pulitzer Prize winner ("The Stone Diaries")
Smart, Elizabeth: Author ("By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept")
Tremblay, Michel: Playwright ("Sainte Carmen of the Main")
Birney, Alfred: Author
Burnford, Sheila : Author ("The Incredible Journey")
Gallant, Mavis: Author ("The Wandering Jews", "A Fairly Good Time", "The Other Paris")
Gordon, Charles William: Author
Grove, Frederick: Author
Harron, Don: Actor, Comedian, Author (a.k.a.: Charlie Farquharson)
Ignatieff, Michael: Author ("Scar Tissue", "The Russian Album", The Rights Revolution")
Layton, Irving Peter: Author
MacLennan, Hugh: Author
MacNeil, Robert: Journalist, Author. "The MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour", "The Story of English", "Wordstruck"
Oke, Janette: Author
Pelton, Robert Young: Author ("The World's Most Dangerous Places")
Peter, Laurence J.: Author, Educator
Poulin, Jacques: Author ("Faites de beaux rêves", "Les Grandes Marées")
Purdy, Alfred: Author
Quarrington, Paul: Author ("Whale Music")
Raddall, Thomas Head: Author
Sawyer, Robert J.: Author ("Golden Fleece, "The Terminal Experiment", "Starplex", "Frameshift")
Vanderhaeghe, Guy Clarence: Author
Watmough, David: Author 



Screenwriters, Directors and Producers


Arcand, Denys: Director ("The Decline of the American Empire", "Jesus of Montreal", "Love and Human Remains")
Cameron, James: Director ("True Lies", "The Terminator", "Aliens", "Titanic")
Cronenberg, David: Director, Writer ("The Fly", "Dead Ringers", "Naked Lunch", "M. Butterfly")
Dmytryk, Edward: Director ("Crossfire", "The Sniper", "The Caine Munity", "Murder, My Sweet")
Dunning, George: Animator, Director ("Yellow Submarine")
Egoyan, Atom: Director ("Exotica", "The Adjuster", "The Sweet Hereafter")
Hiller, Arthur: Director ("The Americanization of Emily", "Love Story")
Jewison, Norman: Director ("Fiddler on the Roof", "Jesus Christ Superstar", "Agnes of God", "The Cincinnati Kid")
Jutra, Claude: Director ("Mon Oncle Antoine")
Kotcheff, Ted: Director ("Weekend at Bernie's", "The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz", "Joshua Then and Now", "Fun with Dick and Jane")
Lepage, Robert: Theatre and Film Director ("Le Confessional")
Mayer, Louis B.: Studio Executive, Producer (co-founded Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer)
Michaels, Lorne: Producer, Writer ("Saturday Night Live")
McDonald, Bruce: Director, Writer ("Roadkill", "Highway 61", "Dance Me Outside")
Moyle, Allan: Director, Writer ("Pump Up the Volume")
Petrie, Daniel: Director ("A Raisin in the Sun", "The Bay Boy")
Reitman, Ivan: Director, Producer ("Meatballs", "Stripes", "Ghostbusters")
Rozema, Patricia: Director ("I've Heard the Mermaids Singing", "When Night is Falling")
Sennett, Mack: Director, Comedian, Actor, Producer ("The Keystone Kops", "Tillie's Punctured Romance")
Warner, Jack: Studio Executive, Producer (co-founded Warner Bros.)
Wheeler, Anne: Director ("Bye Bye Blues", "The Diviners")
Carle, Gilles: Director ("La Tête de Normande St-Onge")
King, Allan: Director ("Who Has Seen the Wind")
Maddin, Guy: Director ("Tales from the Gimli Hospital")
Olcott, Sidney: Director ("Ben-Hur", "Monsieur Beaucaire")
Saltzman, Harry: Producer (the James Bond movies, "Look Back in Anger")
Shannon, Kathleen: Director, Producer ("If You Love this Planet", "Not a Love Story: A Film About Pornography")


Jennings, Peter: ("ABC World News Tonight")
Kent, Arthur: (CNN)
MacNeil, Robert: Journalist, Author ("The MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour", "The Story of English", "Wordstruck")
Morrison, Kieth: (NBC "Dateline")
Safer, Morley: ("60 Minutes")
Assuras, Thalia: (ABC News)
Berger, Nadine: (CBS News)
Newman, Kevin: (ABC News, "Good Morning America Sunday")
Roberts, John: (CBS Evening News)
Soles, Linden: (CNN) 

War Heroes

Barker, William: World War I fighter pilot (took on 60 enemy planes at once)
Bethune, Norman : Doctor (hero of the Chinese revolution)
Bishop, Billy: World War I fighter pilot (shot down 72 enemy planes)
Brown, Roy: World War I fighter pilot (shot down the Red Baron)
Stephenson, Sir William: World War II Spy

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